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Message from the Chairman and CEO

  • SIMON CHAN Mr Simon CHAN Sai-ming, BBS, JP Chairman, Cyberport Message from Chairman

    Cyberport was officially launched in 2003, laying the foundation for this flagship of digital technology, which is of great significance to the development of the technology industry in Hong Kong.

    On the occasion of Cyberport’s 20th anniversary this year and in preparation for the celebrations, I have read through reports and related archives and witnessed the trajectory and development of Cyberport at various stages. I feel very grateful to the former chairmen, board members, CEOs, management team, partners and colleagues in various positions for their joint efforts in developing Cyberport and the I&T industry in Hong Kong.

    Cyberport’s mission is to cultivate talents in the technology sectors, promote young entrepreneurship and support start-ups. Over the years, we have encouraged young people to unleash their potential by infusing new thinking into digital innovation and entrepreneurship. We have also helped professionals from different industries hone their digital skills to advance the technological sector together. With established matchmaking programs, we facilitate the connection between start-ups and traditional industries and provide innovative solutions to accelerate the comprehensive digital transformation of society.

    Currently, Cyberport brings together more than 2,000 community members with a cumulative funding amount of more than HKD 38.7 billion, which have won more than 1,420 industry awards and over 500 intellectual property projects. The innovative solutions span various fields, including fintech, smart living/smart cities, and digital entertainment, and actively drive traditional enterprises to adopt innovative technologies and embrace digital transformation.

    Based in Hong Kong and with a global vision, Cyberport has become a hub for high-calibre global start-up talents, attracting entrepreneurs from different countries and backgrounds. More than a quarter of our campus companies have founders from the Mainland and overseas, including Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and others that shine in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and even globally.

    “20 Years of InnovaTing for the Future”. Both “rapid change” and the essence of “wisdom” resonate and are embedded in our theme. In future, Cyberport will continue to grow hand in hand with society, using “wisdom” and smart technology to drive the development of the city and the digital economy, integrate innovative applications into the lives of citizens and witness countless positive changes that technology brings to society.

    Cyberport will continue to work closely with the HKSAR Government and all sectors of society to make Hong Kong an international centre for innovation and technology. We will actively integrate into the national development landscape and contribute to building the Greater Bay Area through innovative measures. We will continue to act as a gateway between the Mainland and the world and contribute to the high-quality development of our country.

    Simon Chan, BBS, JP
    Chairman of Cyberport

  • Mr Peter YAN King-shun, JP CEO, Cyberport Message from CEO

    This year Cyberport celebrates its 20th anniversary of establishment. Throughout these two decades, Cyberport has always kept pace with the times, committed to nurturing digital and technological talents, driving the development of the industry and giving new impetus to Hong Kong’s economy.

    Cyberport launched the “Cyberport Incubation Programme” (CIP) back in 2005 and has since supported over 1,100 start-up companies. We have established a series of support programs for start-ups that address their needs at various stages of development. By creating various support networks, we facilitate business opportunities for technology and innovation enterprises, match financing needs, provide cutting-edge technological support and professional services, expand to mainland China and overseas markets, and accelerate the growth of technology and innovation enterprises.

    In 2009, Cyberport pioneered the concept of shared workspaces: Smart-Space, which has since expanded to 13 Smart-Spaces across Hong Kong. These include Smart-Space 8 in Tsuen Wan, which focuses on digital entertainment, and Smart-Space PropTech in Fanling, which was developed in collaboration with the Housing Authority and focuses on real estate, contributing to the development of innovative industries and the northern metropolitan area of Hong Kong.

    In this anniversary year, the number of startups and companies in the Cyberport community has grown to nearly 2,000, almost doubling that of 2018. In the field of fintech, Cyberport has incubated the first batch of virtual banks, virtual insurance and virtual asset companies to be licensed by the government. In addition, the solutions provided by our community cover various aspects of citizens’ lives, such as retail technology, edtech, robotics, IoT, e-commerce, health tech, gerontech, smart buildings, environmental technology, etc., which are closely related to the daily lives of Hong Kong residents. Within our community, several companies have achieved remarkable success. A total of six startups have become “unicorns”,” including GOGOX, which successfully went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2022, inspiring us all.

    We drive the development of cutting-edge technologies and are always at the forefront. We have established Web3 Hub@Cyberport, which promotes local Web3 companies while attracting overseas Web3 companies and setting up offices in Hong Kong. This includes government-licensed virtual asset trading platforms and Hong Kong-originated Web3 unicorns in digital entertainment, demonstrating the diversity and potential of the Cyberport community.

    “20 Years of InnovaTing for the Future”

    Going forward, Cyberport will continue its efforts by nurturing local talent and attracting talent from overseas, encouraging young people to enter the technology and innovation industry, supporting tech startups, and building a thriving tech ecosystem. We are leading Hong Kong to a smarter future and driving the further development of the digital economy.

    Peter Yan, JP
    CEO of Cyberport

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